It is said that modern man is one who can converse with the clouds while keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground.

Vittorio Marelli has always been like this.

In a concentration of energy, dynamism, creativity, imagination and concreteness.

In the most favorable perseverance.

The proper catalyst to trigger that boldness that can take the most innovative idea by the hand and lead it to fruition.

A life dedicated to upholstered furniture with nimble and consistent designs, where style competes with the concrete.

Like the beloved dolomites that climb to the threshold of heaven. The latest prototype bears your name.

We have always thought of you:

"You were here when you arrived, you will stay here when you leave."

And so it is.


I like to imagine the home as a mirror that reflects the history, culture and taste of those who dwell in it. It is the place of identity that reminds us of who we are. Yesterday and today. It is from this idea that the ambition to create furnishing accessories that have, in addition to comfort and quality, the strength to bring harmony and beauty to the rooms in which we live every day. In this new catalog, Marac tells its story, in which modern design is skillfully combined with classic details, finding the perfect balance to achieve collections that are always current.

Choosing a Marac sofa and chair is like a light turned on beyond the door: it says you've arrived home, and you're okay.


So many skilled hands have created a long and noble history of forms, translated into unrepeatable and individual Expressiveness. The cult of a deep-rooted and inalienable Tradition hinged on Quality has designed products marked by the culture of Time and a legible and refined sensibility of the Present. To seal the encounter between a selected and cultured consumer and the prestigious values packaged by Marac is finally the Emotion that is that indispensable feeling with the object that will be part of everyday life.


When Marac was born in 1969, it was a small company that had chosen the best craftsmen with the goal of producing armchairs and sofas of the highest quality.

In a matter of a few years it had become an industry and made a name for itself in the world of furniture.

The reason for this achievement was, on the one hand, collaboration with Italian and foreign designers who were able to introduce continuous new elements while maintaining a strong link with tradition. On the other, the ability to work with care and wisdom, giving each element the beauty and quality of noble objects destined to last.

Over the years, Marac has diversified and expanded its production: leather has been joined by the finest fabrics--worked with the skill of all time--and sofas and armchairs have been joined by tables, chairs, beds and other furnishings.

Marac demonstrated how one can consistently walk the path of research without forgetting tradition and without necessarily chasing fads.

The collections we present here are the natural evolution of this history and further demonstration of Marac's attention to the needs of daily living and to those memories, emotions and dreams that are man's greatest assets.